A solidarity banner containing the names of Palestinian martyrs hangs on the Raouche in Beirut, Lebanon.

[15 June 1977]

Begin anywhere. It will unravel.

- Robert Creeley, letter quoted by Sherman Paul in The Lost America of Love: Rereading Robert Creeley, Edward Dorn, and Robert Duncan (via heteroglossia)
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
- Marcel Proust (via introspectivepoet)

Laurence Anyways (2012)

Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow destroys the Prime Minister of Israel’s Chief Spokesperson, Mark Regev, live on air on British television; questioning Israeli military attacks on Al-Wafa hospital and an attack which killed three young boys playing ball on a Gaza beach while Regev continues to claim “the Israeli military does not target civilians.”

what the fuck is going on in the world??!


A rickshaw driver at Clifton Beach, Karachi in 1962.

And you can keep your symbols of success
Then I’ll pursue my own happiness
And you can keep your clocks and routines
Then I’ll go mend all my shattered dreams

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away

Cause you’ve been down on me for too long
And for too long I just put you on
Now I’m tired of lying and I’m sick of trying
Cause I’m losing who I really am
And I’m not choosing to be like them

Sixto Rodriguez - I’ll Slip Away

Let’s think about […] this precise male logic of exception […] in courtly love. In the figure of the lady, this inaccessible absolute other, woman as sexual object, reaches existence. There woman exists, yet at the price of being posited as an inaccessible thing.
- Slavoj zizek  (via alterities)

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