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Damascus, Syria.

What’s the good of these great fragile fits of enthusiasm, these jaded jumps of joys? We know nothing anymore, but the dead stars; we gaze at their faces; and we gasp with pleasure. Our mouths are dry as the lost beaches, and our eyes turn aimlessly and without hope. Now all that remain are these cafés where we meet to drink these cool drinks, these diluted spirits, and the tables are stickier than the pavements where our shadows of the day before have fallen.
- André Breton, The Magnetic Fields (via sacreamour)
You’re in love with impossibility.
- Sophocles, from Antigone (translated by Robert Fagle)


An Indian Prince, 1906, Philip Alexius de László

The State was first this abstract unity that integrated subaggregates functioning separately; it is now subordinated to a field of forces whose flows it coordinates and whose autonomous relations of domination and subordination it expresses
- Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus p. 241 (via post-makhno)

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